Breastfeeding Status and car problems

Well I’m finding time to blog thanks to being at my mother’s house for the night but not by choice. Gracie has been doing very well after the initial coming home adjustment. Breast feeding ended up being incredibly stressful, painful, and by Friday morning I was on the verge of snapping. She wasn’t latching correctly and as a result it hurt so bad. When she DID get latched she’d often lose it due to falling asleep and then she wasn’t getting full enough which led to her screaming with no consolation. Friday morning I dropped her off at Randy’s moms with a can of formula and went home. We slept and I felt defeated but I needed to do what was best for my mental status. I picked her up Friday night and we went to my grandma’s where my mom watched her while I bought a breast pump and then we went home to try again. I kept her on formula for the night and pumped. Saturday morning she had her last bottle of formula and I’ve been pumping every 3-4 hours to feed her and it is working out MUCH better. She’s actually sleeping and generally a much happier baby. My goal is to exclusively pump. We’ll see how it works. She got to spend a lot of time with daddy this weekend. He’s doing very well with her.

On the bad news front, on the way from taking my brother somewhere my car decided to buck at a stoplight. I immediately knew it was my transmission so i pulled into the gas station and it’s pissing fluid out. The damn gas station had no fluid but thankfully I had about half a gallon in my trunk. I had to find a water bottle inside to use to squirt it in b/c the transmission fluid resivour is WAY down and the funnel ended up being buried under the spare tire and I wasn’t aware Randy moved it so I assumed we didn’t have one. I put it in and hauled ass the 7 miles to my house to get Randy. He and I bought MORE fluid, packed up Gracie enough to stay a night or two at my mom’s in case we got stranded, and I grabbed a few other necessities and we made the 20 mile trip here. He discovered the part is the tranmission seal which is only $9.99 BUT he has to separate the motor and tranny to fix it which is a VERY long process. So I’m at mom’s b/c I don’t like the idea of being alone w/o a vehicle. My mom’s truck is also broke down so it’s a lovely day I tell you. Randy got his sister to give him a ride to work and Corey is bringing him home. I’m exhausted and thankfully my mom is here to assist a bit but Miss Gracie has been sleeping a LOT since being fed BM through a bottle. It’s one of the best choices I’ve made.

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  1. From experience, I can tell you that you’ll be pumping religiously. As she grows, you may find that you’ll have problems keeping up with your supply. Unfortunately, breasts don’t respond to breast pumps as efficiently as they do actual babies. But I have to give you kudos, and I wish you the best of luck. I wound up pumping exclusively for Alyssa, and it was damn hard. I used a variety of supplements and even an actual prescription medication, and by the time Alyssa was eight months I still wasn’t able to keep up, and to supplement with formula. By ten and eleven months it was a 50/50 thing.
    If you’re interested and willing, I would suggest giving your nipples a week or so to heal up, and then try actually nursing her again. Your supply will do so much better if you’re able to get her to take breast milk directly from you.

    I’m so sorry to hear about your car. At least you were able to get it home safely. I saw your message on Twitter and was wondering how Randy would be able to get back and forth to work… yay for his sister and Corey helping out!

    I wish you luck with both the car, getting rest and feeding Gracie. At least you have your mom to help out! :)

  2. I had similar problems with breastfeeding. I wasn’t producing enough at first and ended up supplementing with formula for the first couple of weeks. I pumped and that really helped my supply come in. After pumping for about three weeks I tried nursing again and it worked! You never know you might have the same thing happen.

    Good luck!

  3. I wanted so badly to breastfeed Cricket exclusively. Unfortunately since she as a preemie, she was before the gestation where she had a sucking reflex and was on a feeding tube until she was 35 wks gestation. I tried getting her to latch and she just didn’t it, thus my pumping journey began. At first I could keep up, and then I couldn’t. I, like Jenn, used different supplements (Fenugreek, Mother’s Milk Tea, Nipple Guard, and yes, a prescription.) I’m still pumping, but she gets majority formula. I really hope that you are able to get in the swing of things and that it works out. Pumping all thee time is so hard so I hope you won’t have to get to that point.

    I am sorry to hear about the car, damn vehicles…we just had issues with ours..

  4. I also pumped exclusively because Layla came so early and was too small to actually nurse. I made it for about four weeks, but the stress of her having heart surgery did a number to my milk. Then add the stress of not making enough… it just wasn’t pretty. It was taking a toll on me.

    I hated to give up, but I feel like being happy and enjoying my time with her is most important. We will never get these days back!

    Good luck to you and your breastfeeding, and I hope your car gets repaired soon :)

  5. I am learning a lot of the Lavish ladies who have had babies recently! I’m glad you are deciding to pump rather than give up breastfeeding all together. It sounds like Gracie prefers BM to formula as well. Hopefully you can get your car fixed soon, but until then, enjoy having your mom around to help out!

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