Spring Semester 2012

Spring semester starts next week and I’m quite excited. I love to learn and I’m nerdy like that. If I don’t have a bunch of things on my plate at once I feel lazy and worthless even though I know I’m plenty busy being a WAHM and finding time to balance myself, Gracie and Randy. I think I’ve got a little routine down though even if we do go to bed at 9am and wake up at 5:00. Woops.

I’m going to be taking abnormal psychology, a writing for humanities course (ew), criminal law, criminal procedure law, sociology and intro to healthful living. I’m crazy. 18 credit hours again.

My first prenatal appointment is Feb 1st I think. I got samples of vitamins from my doc to hold me over until the appointment. They don’t make me sick either, thank god.

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