Frustration and Hormones

I think I’m having a hormonal day because I’ve felt on the verge of tears all damn day and every little thing makes me want to break down and cry.

I also had my 17 week appointment today and that frustrated me even more because I think my doctor was in a rush. I briefly heard the nurse mention to him something about being at the hospital at 3:30 (my appt was 2:30 and we weren’t even seen until like 3:15). He did a quick scan and said the spine looks good but the butt is down. My fluid levels are good and my BP is excellent. All the tests I got (hep B, C, etc) came back negative as I knew they would. He didn’t do the 3D or 4D or even measure the baby like he usually does and it just seemed like he was pushing to get us out the door. Needless to say, we didn’t find out the sex and he didn’t even attempt to see. Hopefully my next appointment won’t leave me feeling so UGH.

Still no news on the job or moving front except for the fact that we have to be out by April 30th since we put our notice in during the middle of March. BAH. I think an early bedtime will be in order.