My husband is awesome

My husband really is awesome. Gracie is on a backwards sleep schedule and seems to think around 10pm is naptime and wakes up in the middle of the night and then goes back to bed and sleeps until late afternoon. Well, he got up with her at 6am and let me sleep. He had an appointment at 9am and he woke me up at 8:30 to take him, then we got back and he let me go back to sleep instead of napping himself. Well, I had a seizure while sleeping which kicked my ass and I continued sleeping until 3:30pm, when I had to get up to take him to another appointment. We get back and all try to lay down but Gracie wants no part of it so he again lets me sleep until I wake up at 9:00pm. He also has changed every diaper, fed her and bathed her. He’s also going to stay up, despite only getting a few hours sleep, because he knows Gracie won’t be laying down for some time and doesn’t want me to have to worry about her while feeling as shitty as I do. My head is pounding, my back is KILLING ME (muscle spasms and all) and I can’t get comfortable for crap.

I’m so glad to have a husband that realizes parenting is a joint responsibility. Gracie is being overly cute and asking “are you OK?” every time I whimper or whine in pain too.

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