We Moved!

As the title says, we found a place and moved since I last updated. Our primary struggle was finding a place that would allow us to move in without verification of income because we’ve been surviving off of income tax returns, student loans and grant money from college. We have enough to pay everything, but ovbiously landlords want to cover their behinds.

We managed to find a trailer park where they were understanding of our situation (moving closer to parents, job seeking here, parole, etc) and they agreed to give us a shot. I think offering the security and first month’s rent the next day certainly helped that too.

My MIL even stayed at our house before we moved for 3 days to help organize/pack because Randy is horrible at organization and I’m 19 weeks pregnant right now and can’t exactly be helping to lift anything heavy. Luckily I like my in-laws. ^_^

We live about 5 minutes from Randy’s parents and about 10 from mine in the back of the community. We have a pond off to the left of us and the creek runs directly behind us. It’s $700/month for 2 bedroom but it includes everything (propane, electric, water, garbage) and is perfect for our family of 3 and will accommodate our expansion in September as well. I’m glad I never got rid of my apartment sized washer/dryer because I hate laundromats. Oh, we also have a really large shed for storage.

Otherwise Randy is continuing on his job search and I have 3 weeks left of the semester. I’m trying to keep my work load balanced so I don’t get overwhelmed trying to finish all the papers/projects. 2 classes are completely done so far and 1 other one has some light work left. I have a final still for psych, need to work with my group to write a suppression motion for criminal procedure and have a final paper for English to write too. Bah. Baby steps baby steps.

Next weekend we’re going to the pond for a family picnic with the in-laws. Fun times indeed.

2 thoughts on “We Moved!

  1. Congrats on the move! While a 2 bedroom may *eventually* be a little cramped with two little ones, it sounds perfect for the next few years, at least. And hey, it’s always better than nothing, right? Or being squeezed in with family.

    Smart move on holding onto your washer and dryer! We’ve had our own since we first moved right when Ryan was born, and I can’t imagine going back to laundromat days. Ugh, never again!

    Good luck with unpacking and settling in. :)

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