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Well our 20 week ultrasound has come and gone and we’re still no closer to knowing whether we have a boy or girl joining our family in September. He or she had their legs together in a frog-like position so there was no way of knowing. My doctor did say we’ll try again next time, but I’m sick of getting my hopes up to find out only to get nothing. Our next appointment is June 7th and maybe we’ll find out then, but who knows. Everything else is looking good though regarding fluid, heart rate, size, etc.

Randy started work today doing the safety training. He officially starts his position tomorrow and will be working from 6am-10am M-F at first and then once he’s proven he will actually work and show up they will bump him up to 40 hours with his hours from 6am until 2pm. I love that it’s a first shift job and NO WEEKENDS = YAY. He can get mandated to do overtime on weekdays but we’re OK with that. He’s also starting a few dollars above minimum wage, which we are VERY excited about considering he’s been trying to get a job since October.

Now I suppose I should go to bed since he’s already there and I get to play taxi in the morning. Luckily, I get to go back to bed after though. Sleep = awesomesauce.

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  1. Wow, first shift *and* no weekends? That’s pretty sweet! It’s really hard to find jobs that offer decent shifts and weekends off. Congrats again. :) Fingers crossed that everything works out and he transitions to full time with no hitches!

  2. I don’t know what first shift means, but yay for decent hours! I hope you find out at your next appointment what the sex of your little bun is. Tell that baby to be more cooperative!

    • First shift for him is 6am-2:30pm but is typically a 7am-3pm job. His last job was overnight (3rd) and it drove us nuts with the crazy schedule.

  3. Very nice! Sounds like big picture things are going about as well as can be expected :)

    I know how you feel on baby gender- I didn’t want to know my son’s gender until I was about the start of my third trimester, and he was no cooperating by then! But it was nice to be surprised, and I think God arranged that since it was initially what I wanted and then became impatient. I loved having it announced at birth, and REALLY loved getting to tell people. Nine months of anticipation :)

  4. I’m glad he managed to get a good job, and I wish him success. :)

    Now if we could only convince Baby R to give you a peek! I’ll bet it’s a boy.

  5. So happy that Randy is working it sounds like a good job to have. Hopefully the baby will co-operate next time around. It must be a boy, boys are stubborn. ;) Just kidding. But I do think it’s a boy.

  6. Which sex are you getting your hopes up high for? Boy or a girl? See with me, I kinda want to keep the sex of our first born a secret. I don’t want to know the sex – or my family to know either. Makes it a tad bit more exciting :)

    My dream job includes a first shift :) I love waking up in the morning, going to work, and getting off early! Sounds pretty sweet! Hope he’ll enjoy ;)

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