Frustration Reigns

I haven’t updated because I really didn’t feel like going into the frustration I’ve been dealing with lately. Randy quit his job last week because he couldn’t physically handle standing in one spot for 8+ hours with no rotation because of his back problems. It led to a HUGE fight and I’m very very bitter still for obvious reasons. He has been job searching but I’m a realist and don’t have a shred of optimism left in me. He did manage to get a call back today for an interview for a milking position, which would be perfect because farming is where his passion lies.

I go back to the doctor in 8 days to check on how the baby is doing. It is very very active and constantly does flips/kicks/whatever. I’m hoping we’ll find out whether we’re having a T (boy name) or a K (girl name) that we’ve decided on. I am not getting excited though because with my luck lately we’ll have another incident of not being able to tell.

When my insurance changes back to this county I’m going to go make an appointment with my psychiatrist. I want my Zoloft back now that I’m back in the county and my insurance will cover the one I used to see. I was also off the meds for at least the 1st trimester but I’m 24 weeks now so feel fine going back on them.

2 thoughts on “Frustration Reigns

  1. Oh dude, that SUCKS that Randy quit his job. I’d be pissed too. Hopefully he gets the milking position.

    I bet it’s a little boy in there ;)

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