Got a new job!

Well I have much better news this time around. Randy got a new job working on a dairy farm doing milking and he starts on Monday. We’re both ecstatic. He grew up farming and a job outdoors is just what he needs. We were hoping and hoping and apparently he interviewed well enough and he got great references from the people he listed. He got the call at about 11 this morning and goes in for training Monday from 4-8. He’ll be normally working 8a-8p 4 days a week. *sigh of relief*

6 thoughts on “Got a new job!

  1. I am so glad to hear that Randy got the job! I won’t lie: I was disappointed for your sake (and his, too, and of course Gracie’s) to hear that he quit the other job, especially since given the economy and his unfortunate criminal record, jobs aren’t exactly easy to come by. But maybe it was meant to be, since he landed a job that is familiar to him. The hours sound great, though 12 hour days are long. At least the trade-off is only having to work four days a week, rather than five or more. Fingers crossed that everything works out perfectly this time around! :)

    • I was also very disappointed and it was the reason for our big fight that I mentioned on Twitter. I was so upset, frustrated and overall angry that he would just quit knowing how hard it was to find a job initially. To his credit, he did a much better and more dedicated search after quitting and was very motivated. The 12 hour shift thing benefits us a lot more than 5 days because I play taxi driver so it’s one less day I have to drive 64 miles (16 miles each way, drop off and pick up). I have faith that he’ll be very happy at this job.

      • Ooh, the driving/mileage thing is a definite bonus. I can’t remember if you said anything about this: will he be able to apply for his license anytime soon? I’d imagine that having to drive him back and forth after baby #2 comes will be a pretty big hassle, especially when sleep is so precious in those early days!

        • It is a hassle but he has $2,000+ in fines plus DMV fees assessed by NY so it’ll be some time. Then he has to get approval from parole AND complete his drug/alcohol program to even apply for permission since it was his 2nd DWI. It’s quite a few hoops to jump through. In short: quite some time.

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